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Korea’s New SRT Train Provides Convenient Travel To Passengers

By February 25, 2017 at 7:09 am
Korea's Bullet Trains (Photo : Bloomberg for Getty Images)

The new SRT train, a high-speed train connecting southern Seoul with Gwangju and Busan has been providing smooth and convenient travel to Koreans. Since its launch last December, officials said that it has been running smoothly until now.

Manufactured by the Hyundai Rotem, these bullet trains have been operating on the high-speed rail network without even experiencing troubles for the past two months of its operation. It can be recalled that the train is exposed to a number of people who are also using the Korea's second bullet train.

As per Korea Times, the route of the train starts from Suseo Station in Seoul in which the Bundang Line and the Seoul Metro Line 3 intersect. The biggest number of people who will take the most from this train have been the residents of Southern Seoul as well as the southern part of Gyeonggi Province like Bundang.

When the SRT train was not yet constructed, commuters have to go to either Seoul Station or the Yongsan Station in order to catch the ride of the KTX high-speed train. This is being operated and managed by the Korail.

The SRT train of Korea has been known to have been running up to 300 kilometers per hour where commuters can save both time and cost. The SR, which is the company that manages the train, expects that perhaps around 44,000 passengers are using the Suseo Station every day in the year 2026.

So far, there have been no recorded mechanical malfunctions from the train or any safety-related accidents for the past two months. With this, the officials of SR make sure that they will keep cautious to operate the train as safely as possible in order to improve the customer satisfaction.

Moreover, the company expects that a great number of passengers will continue to go up and will increase down the road. Last January, there were a total number of 1.47 million people who rode the SRT.

Tjis SRT train operates and runs on a new train line which has been built underground between the Suseo Station and Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi Province which has been estimated to 61.1 kilometers in length. The cost of the SRT train ride is around 10 percent lower that the KTX.

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