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‘Strong Woman Do Bong-soon' Ep 1 Off To Good Start

By February 27, 2017 at 10:24 am
"Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" actress Park Bo-young (Photo : Paul Zimmerman/Getty Images)

"Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" episode 1 has clicked with the audience. It has started off with high ratings and is a good indication for any TV show.

The first episode of JTBC's new drama aired last Feb. 24 and got 4.04 percent ratings, according to data by Nielsen Korea which is a rating research company. Soompi reported that "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" episode 1 has already achieved their expectations for its ratings.

Viewers were said to be smitten with "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" lead actress Park Bo-young's acting. According to AllKPop, the drama's lead actors Park Hyung-Shik and Ji-soo praised the lead actress.

"I'd wanted to act with her after watching her on 'A Werewolf Boy,' so after getting the chance to act with her this time, I'm very happy, and all of the actors around me who are my age are incredibly envious of me," Park Hyung-Shik said. "I became a winner."

Ji-soo described Bo-young as "an angel" when he first set his eyes on her. He also said that she is "anyone's dream actress" and that working with the "Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" actress is an honor.

The romantic comedy-drama is a story of Do Bong-soon, a woman who has Herculean strength. She is somewhat cursed as anything she touches with too much force gets destroyed.

"Strong Woman Do Bong-soon" episode 1 showed the first meeting of Park Bo Young and Park Hyung Sik's characters. Hyung-Sik plays the part of Min-hyuk, a young CEO of a software gaming company, Korea Portal noted.

Bong-soon is enlisted to become Min-hyuk's bodyguard. The episode also explained how Bo-young's character was able to get such immense physical strength. Ji-soo's character is Bong-soon's classmate and crush.

There are already a lot of speculations about the closeness of Hyung-Sik and Bo-young. There are those who claimed that the actor may have already developed romantic feelings for the actress.

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