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LG G6 Release Date Confirmed, Priced At $800 For South Korea

By February 28, 2017 at 7:37 am
LG G6 release date confirmed (Photo : David Becker/Getty Images)

On Sunday, LG started its pre-MWC (Mobile World Congress) press conference marathon with an announcement about the G6. The upcoming device is said to have a massive display with various features.

The LG G6 release date was confirmed during the event as well as its pricing. According to BGR, LG's head of the mobile division, Cho Juno, said that the phone will be first available in South Korea.

The LG G6 release date will be on Mar. 10. It will be priced at around $800 USD or about 899,800 won.

It was noted that the price seemed pretty steep. However, the LG G6 still costs less than Samsung Galaxy S8 or Apple's iPhone 8, both of which are expected to be released later this year.

GSM Arena reported that LG has made controversial choices about its upcoming device. One of these is the decision to use a Snapdragon 821 chipset.

The South Korean company stuck to its "value proposition" concept that focuses more on the user experience rather than raw specs. However, the LG G6 price has raised some eyebrows for its seemingly high cost with what may be an average performance. The price is similar to that of the V20, which was launched last fall. Some believe that this may be an indication of an overall price increase for the company, including the V-series.

There is still no announcement as to when the LG G6 release date will be for other markets. Cho also did not give a concrete answer for the phone's availability in other countries.

"We will make new investments for promotional activities in April and May before the phone's full-scale shipment starts in the third quarter," Cho said. "We need to see the spending and device sales during the period. Sales will be better than those of the G5 or V20. We cannot reveal the sales target."

Cho added that they started developing the LG G6 six months earlier than usual. There is also a possibility of more products being announced soon.

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