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5 North Korean Security Officials Executed Over False Reports To Kim Jong Un

By March 1, 2017 at 7:13 am
5 security officials executed for making false reports for Kim Jong Un (Photo : Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images)

Five North Korean security officials were reportedly executed by anti-aircraft guns, South Korean lawmakers said. Apparently, they made false reports to North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

The officials were said to be deputy minister-level and previously worked with state security chief Kim Won Hong, who was recently fired. Two parliamentarians who were briefed by South Korea's National Intelligence System (NIS) said that they may have been executed for making false reports to Kim Jong Un.

"Kim Won Hong, the state security chief, is in a house arrest situation after an investigation and more than five deputy minister-level officials who worked under him have been executed by anti-aircraft guns," South Korean lawmaker Kim Byung Kee said. "Additional executions of working-level officials could happen as the investigation carries on further."

Another lawmaker, Lee Cheol Woo, added that the ministry controls and monitors the public. It was found that false reports were made to Kim Jong Un. This angered the North Korean leader, leading to the house arrest of Kim Won Hong and execution of the five security officials.

Lee noted that the North Korean leader ordered the removal of his father's statue from the Ministry's ground as punishment. "Kim Jong Un ordered the statue of Kim Jong Il to be removed from the National Defense Ministry because they don't deserve to have the statue," he said.

Kim Wong Hong was said to have been fired in January for alleged corruption, abuse of power and torture committed by his agency. The reclusive country has not commented about the issue.

It is also unknown what the false reports contained that supposedly enraged Kim Jong Un. The current North Korean leader, since taking over his father's rule in late 2011, has executed several high-level government officials, deemed by Seoul as a "reign of terror."

South Korean intelligence has also noted that some of the suspects wanted for the death of Kim Jong-Nam, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un's half-brother, included officials from North Korea's foreign and security ministries.

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