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LG G6 Specs To 'Focus On The Fundamentals' Instead Of 'Unnecessary Innovation'

By March 1, 2017 at 7:16 am
LG appoints South Korean to head Kenyan operations (Photo : Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

LG Electronics chief Jo Seong Jin has confirmed that its newest devices will no longer be competing with small innovations that are not always useful. Instead, they will focus on the fundamentals.

"(The) LG smartphone has so far targeted a niche market for a minority of enthusiasts," Jo Seong Jin said at Mobile World Congress 2017. "However, as the smartphone market has become more mature, it is becoming hard to make new innovation."

"Instead of making unnecessary innovation, we want to focus on the fundamentals of smartphones such as safety and quality," LG's head of the mobile division, Cho Juno, added. The sentiment was proven by the unveiling of its LG G6 phone which had improved features infrequently used functions like its screen and camera.

LG Electronics CEO Jo Seong Jin is confident that the LG G6 will be highly successful in the market. He did admit, though, that the smartphone industry is a tough market since it largely depends on initial popularity, unlike home appliances.

Cho added that it is getting more challenging to respond to the ever-evolving smartphone market. He noted that, instead of creating several platforms little by little, they are planning to produce in bulk and share parts on a proper platform.

The LG G6 release date was confirmed as well as its pricing during the event hosted by the company before MWC 2017. It will be available first in South Korea on Mar. 10 and priced at around 800 USD or about 899,800 won.

LG has stuck to its "value proposition" concept, which aims to provide a better user experience than raw specs. The LG G6 price has raised some eyebrows, though, because some feel that it is requiring users to shell out a seemingly big sum for what could be an average-performing phone.

The LG G6 price is similar to that of the V20, which was launched last fall. Some believe that this may be an indication of an overall price increase for the company, including the V-series.

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