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Taeyeon's 'Fine,' 'My Voice' Album Tops Music Charts

By March 2, 2017 at 7:25 am
Taeyeon "Fine" track and " My Voice" album continues to dominate charts (Photo : Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

Taeyeon's "My Voice" album has topped both local and international music charts. This comes after she released her lead track entitled "Fine."

The South Korean singer's track was released on Tuesday and rapidly rose to popularity. It topped music charts such as Melon, Genie, and Mnet within just four hours of its release. As of Wednesday morning, "Fine" was still at the top spot.

"Fine" also got into the top 10 list of 22 different iTunes song charts. It has also topped iTunes album charts in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. Taeyeon's "My Voice" album landed in the number one spot on 17 different iTunes pop album charts.

She will be performing "Fine" on KBS2 TV's "Music Bank" on Friday, Mar. 3. This will be her first appearance on a music program to perform her latest track.

Taeyeon's "My Voice" album was released on Tuesday, Feb. 28. This came four months after she released her "11:11" single.

According to Billboard, Taeyeon's "My Voice" album features the Girls' Generation vocalist's "soulful vocals through a variety of genres, with an emphasis on pop-rock and woozy R&B." "Fine" is described as "an acoustically-driven alt-pop post-breakup song."

Her latest album is a showcase of how multifaceted Taeyeon is an as a singer. She is able to evoke the emotions of going through heartbreak but, come chorus, she is also able to produce angst. Her second song, "Cover Up," proves that she is a versatile singer with its dance vibes.

Taeyeon admitted that she has prepared for her "My Voice" album by dedicating much time and effort to its production. Speaking to AllKPop, she revealed that she put in more time than she would during usual recordings - as many as taking three days per song.

"Each member is probably busy but they gave me feedback even at like 4 a.m in the morning when a teaser was released," Taeyeon said about the Girls' Generation members' reactions and support. "They told me to act more pretty and that I seem too timid. They encouraged me to be bolder."

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