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Hyundai Heavy Union Faces Trouble Over Staging Series Of Strikes

By March 3, 2017 at 3:01 am
The 'CSCL Globe' is the first ship co-built by China Shipping container Lines Co.,Ltd and Hyundai Heavy Industries Ltd. Co of South Korea (Photo : Getty Images By: VCG)

The union workers of Hyundai Heavy Industries are currently facing trouble for staging several general strikes which even started last May. The series of strikes were conducted despite the shipyard's uncontrollable losses of trillions of won over the past years.

Several backlogs have been reported in HHI's Gunsan shipyard located in North Jeolla Province. Apart from this a lot of subcontractors near the Gunsan shipyard have been reported that they have been closing their doors one after the other since October.

As reported by Korea Times, 27 subcontractors out of 86 have so far closed. If this continues with the Gunsan shipyard, it will surely face industrial breakdown together with a massive unemployment crisis. The Gunsan will also suffer following its failure to revive its shipbuilding operation soon enough.

Approximately 800 union workers at Hyundai Heavy Industries had staged a general walkout for about eight hours just in front of the company's headquarters in Ulsan last Thursday. Amidst the company's struggles together with its subcontractors, the shipbuilder's struggles gave way to the workers endless strikes.

It can be recalled that it has already been 23 years when the union also staged its last walkout way back 1994. An official of the said company shared that workers in the Ulsan shipyard also noticed that one of their docks has stopped its operation since July. Moreover, the official also forecasted that possibly two more docks are likely to do the same perhaps by the end of July.

This was the first time the HHI to stop its shipbuilding operations at its dock which started since its founding in 1972. And since July, the company has been performing restructuring procedures which consist of layoffs and asset sales.

About 2,000 workers had already left the company with the voluntary retirement program. But the Hyundai Robotics and the Hyundai Electric and Energy System will do measures in order to boost the competitiveness of the business.

Meanwhile, the Hyundai Heavy Union workers said that they cannot just accept those kinds of wage terms that the company imposed because as they said, it will just weaken their rights as workers.

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