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Food Experts Share Advice On Tips To Select Wine

By March 3, 2017 at 3:02 am
Wines and Beverages (Photo : Getty Images)

Food experts just gave important tips on how to choose the best wine at the 2017 Korea Wine and Spirits Awards last Thursday. The recently presented awards to 85 brands of wine which are available in Korea.

In the said event, the "Best of the Best" when it comes to wine has been awarded to Badia di Morrona I Sodi del Paretaio, The Grape Grinder Pinotage, Moscatel de Setubal, Caliterra Tributo Chardonnay, Quinta do Valdoeiro White, and Domaine Lafage Amour.

The criteria that were used for the selection of the best wines included balance, aroma, aftertaste, flavor, and value for money. The last criterion was added this year in order to allow consumers take pleasure from great wine at just reasonable prices.

However, some consumers don't simply want to have wines which are simply presented with award-winning stickers or any two-digit score to assess how awesome they are. As buyers, people want to choose wines also that could best fit their preferences, food, as well as occasions.

Sometimes, choosing the best wine will require money and time that's why experts offered tips on how to get the best one. As per Korea Times, some tips have been presented in order to guide consumers select the best wine.

Alberto Yu, one of the judges at the Korea Wine and Spirits Awards this year gave some important tips. The first tip he gave was to never trust salespeople as they are likely to suggest brands which they directly distribute.

Instead, consumers should put in mind the food which the people should pair the wine. Consumers need to ask recommendations from experts on the variety of the grape and not from the wine itself or the seller.

Yu also added that people need to purchase at least three wines of the same grape variety but from three different places. With this, people will be able to know the difference.

Experts also added that a great wine has the ability to show its color slowly that's why it is recommended for consumers to take it slowly when drinking wine. According to him, the wine should be consumed for at least two hours with the meal because the wine will taste differently every 30 minutes.

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