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North Korea: Kim Jong Nam's Death Was Caused By Heart Attack

By March 4, 2017 at 4:13 am
North Korean representative Ri Tong-il said Kim Jong-nam died of a heart attack (Photo : Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

A statement from North Korea has denied the Malaysian health authority's latest report about Kim Jong-Nam's death. A spokesperson for the reclusive country said that Kim Jong-un's half-brother died from having a heart attack.

It was previously reported that suspects used VX, a poison used in the Cold War, to assassinate Kim Jong-Nam. It is a highly-flexible chemical which can be mixed into food or drink as well as sprayed like an aerosol. Kim Jong-Nam, on the other hand, was smeared with the chemical on his face, which led to easy ingestion of the poison. A high dose of VX can be fatal within just minutes.

Two suspects Indonesian national, Siti Aisyah, and Doan Thi Huong, a Vietnamese citizen, thought that they were just doing a prank for a Japanese TV show.

However, Ri Tong-il, North Korea's former deputy ambassador to the United Nations, said on Thursday that Kim Jong-Nam had a history of heart disease. He said that Kim "had treatment from time to time while being hospitalized."

Moreover, Ri also noted that "under normal conditions, he cannot travel without medicine for heart disease, as well as for diabetes and high blood pressure." "This," he said to reporters, "is a strong indication that the cause of death was a heart attack."

His statement contradicted with the Malaysian health ministry's conclusion that Kim Jong-Nam's death was caused by a deadly nerve agent. Malaysian authorities conducted an autopsy on Kim's body.

The announcement came after North Korea was accused of being the one behind Kim Jong-Nam's death. South Korean and U.S. officials believed that Kim Jong-Nam, who had spoken up against his family's dictatorship of North Korea, had been assassinated by agents of the reclusive country.

"Among eight suspects in this case four are from the ministry of state security and two who actually took action are from the foreign ministry," Lee Cheol-woo, one of the lawmakers briefed by South Korean intelligence, said. "That is why it is a case of terrorism led by the state, directly organized by the ministry of state security and the foreign ministry."

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