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Shake Shack’s Seoul Gets Recognized For Great Ingredients, Responsible Management

By March 6, 2017 at 11:37 pm
Shake Shack Korea (Photo : Getty Images)

Shake Shack Seoul has been recognized by Shake Shack founder Danny Meyer because it offers high-quality ingredients as well as its socially responsible management. This has been announced by Mr. Meyer during his visit to Korea last Monday.

The CEO of Union Square Hospitality Group or the USHG running the restaurant chain shared that the two Shake Shacks restaurants in Seoul are currently considered as the top performing Shake Shack in the world. This has been revealed during a press conference at the Cheongdam store in southern Seoul.

Shake Shack restaurant has more than 120 stores and branches in 13 countries which include the UK, United Arab Emirates, and Japan. Then it opened branches in Cheongdam and Gangnam which are both located in southern Seoul as reported by Korea Times.

The CEO of Shake Shack remarked that Korean branch is the only one that could produce and prepare hamburgers which taste exactly the same as those which are produced in New York. Because of this, he added that the Korea-made burgers made him feel like he was in the U.S.

Mr. Meyer also addressed that except for Seoul, the bun which is used for the hamburger is even shipped all the way from Pennsylvania to Saudi Arabia, Istanbul, Lebanon, London, Dubai, and Moscow. But Shake Shack finally found a bun in Korea without the need to ship.

He also made mention of SPC's contribution and for working so hard for the hamburger bun in Korea and one factor for this was because they are a banking company. They were able to figure out how for the first time ever and how to make a bun which is worthy to be called Shake Shack.

The said Korea company just signed a monopoly operation contract with USHG in order to deliver the top burger chain in Korea. If this is the case, the restaurant will be able to attract perhaps an average of 3,000 customers to the Gangnam store alone on daily basis.

Danny Meyer then conclude by sharing that Shake Shack's success in Korea is specially attributed to SPC's responsible business philosophy

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