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LG G6 Smart phone Bags 31 Awards From Global Technology Magazines

By March 6, 2017 at 5:17 am
LG G6 wins several awards at MWC 2017 (Photo : David Becker/Getty Images)

LG Electronics new G6 smartphone just won and received a total of 31 awards from global technology magazines at the Mobile World Congress or the MWC in Spain. This new has been confirmed by the tech giant last Friday as another achievement in the brand and in their products.

It can be recalled that LG unveiled its G6 just this week at its launching at the previous annual mobile event. The goal of the company is to revive and improve on its unprofitable smartphone business as well as focus on improving the sales of these mentioned smartphones.

According to Korea Times, the global magazines which presented the awards were Android Authority, Digital Trends, Wired, PC Mag as well as the TechRadar. All of these along with other more designated the G6 as the best and top smartphone at the said annual event.

With words from the company, LG shared the key features of the G6 which captured the attention and interest of the foreign media organizations. These features include its rounded metal frame that makes holding the smartphone more comfortable along with its full-sized screen.

The LG G6 was developed and made with the consumers and the users in mind paving the way for the next generation of smartphone design and user experience. It can be said that users and consumers would love using their phones comfortably with one hand but also with big screens.

Cho Ju-no Vho, president of the LG Electronics' mobile communications division shared that the consumers should be given priority when designing and creating phones that are why the company was able to produce smartphones as great as the G6.

One of the top and remarkable features of the G6 is its narrow bezels along with its harmonious design from its glass and aluminum. This added the sensational feature to the said phone.

The LG G6 also provides the big screen which can offer an immersive viewing experience with its 5.7-inch display and 18:9 screen aspect ratio.

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