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Haruki Murakami’s Latest Book Thrills Koreans

By March 6, 2017 at 5:18 am
Haruki Murakami (Photo : Getty Images)

Japanese novelist Haruki Murakami is running again as he released another book last February 24 in Japan. His latest full-length novel titled, "Killing Commendatore" was just released and Koreans are getting thrilled to get their hands on this highly-anticipated novel.

The said novel is divided into two parts, the "Arawareru Idea" or Emerging Idea and the "Utsurou Metaphor" or the Moving Metaphor. This is Haruki Murakami's first multi-volume novel in seven years since the release of 1Q84 last 2009.

As shared by AP, the novel is actually a two-part story regarding a portrait painter, 36. The story is narrated on how his life endures after his divorce from his wife and he moves into an old house on a mountainside west of Tokyo as per Korea Times.

Some of the thrilling events that were portrayed in the novel include the main character's meeting with a neighbor and looking for a painting that bares the title of the book. The author, Haruki Murakami described it as a very different story.

Haruki Murakami popularity and fame as a writer is not only recognized in Asia but also in the other part of the world. Because of this, there were even reports telling that he can be a fitting candidate for a Nobel Prize in Literature.

Because of his outstanding masterpieces, Haruki Murakami has been awarded the Frank O'Connor Short Story Award last 2006. Moreover, he also won the Jerusalem Prize in 2009 and the Hans Christian Andersen Literature Award just last 2015. With all his great feats in literature, Haruki Murakami has been considered as one of the TIMES 100's most influential people in the world last 2015.

Haruki Murakami is one of the most-read foreign novelists in Korea. That's why there is the Murakami boom which is also known as the "Haruki Syndrome" and this has been attributed to strong sales of most of his works.

The Korean licensing agency will be the one to handle the amount of advance, promotion plans, as well as the design concept from the publishers and Haruki Murakami, will be the one to determine if what company will get its Korean rights.

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