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Tesla Korea Builds Charging Stations To Prepare For Model S 90D Release

By March 7, 2017 at 7:56 am
Tesla Korea builds charging stations for Model S 90D release (Photo : Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Tesla Korea has announced that it will be building its own charging stations. This is part of the company's preparation for the release of its Model S 90D by June.

The company is installing two types of stations. One is the high-speed supercharger while the other is the slow-speed destination charger.

Tesla Korea has said that they aim to complete the construction of six charging stations in the Seoul metropolitan area by June, just in time for the Model S 90D to go on the road in the country. Sources revealed that the automobile company has almost completed the destination chargers in the Shinsegae Department store in Gangnam as well as the Yeoju Premium Outlets in Gyeonggi Province.

There are five or six destination chargers that are currently being built. The one in Gangnam Shinsegae Department store is believed to be the largest Tesla charging station in South Korea. Meanwhile, the Yeosu Premium Outlets are said to have three destination chargers.

Tesla Korea has opened its showrooms and is already receiving orders for its luxury models. The company has sent an email to potential customers on Feb. 28 to confirm that it will open stores in Seoul and Hanam this month.

Customers can test-drive the Model S 90D at the showrooms. The initial price of the sedan will be at 121 million won or about 105,000 USD. This can increase with further add-ons.

The company has received orders for its S, X and 3 models on its website last year. The cars will be delivered to customers by June.

Tesla will be setting up 25 charging stations across the nation in the first half. A minimum of six stations will be opened before June.

The Model S is believed to have a maximum driving range of 378 kilometers per charge. This is the longest among all electric cars currently available in the market.

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