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Netflix's Korean Zombie Thriller Series 'Kingdom' Set For 2018 Release

By March 9, 2017 at 7:13 am
Netflix Korean zombie thriller series "Kingdom" coming next year (Photo : Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images)

Netflix has confirmed "Kingdom," a Korean period zombie thriller series, for a 2018 release. The series will be directed by Kim Seong-hun, director of Korean hit movie, "Tunnel."

"Kingdom" will be an eight-episode series set in the medieval Joseon dynasty in South Korea. The story will revolve on a crown prince who is sent to a suicide mission to investigate a mysterious outbreak.

It will premiere in 2018 and will be Netflix's second original series in the country. The first Korean series, "Love Alarm," will also be released next year.

The upcoming Netflix Korean series combines two genres that have become quite popular in the country: period drama and zombie action thrillers. It involves two high-profile storytellers who specialize in genre titles.

Kim Seong-hun directed "Tunnel," which was deemed as the fifth largest film last year." TV series writer Kim Eun-hee is said to be writing all eight episodes of the series. He wrote "Signal," one of the top South Korean TV series last year.

"'Kingdom' captured our imaginations from the moment we read the script with its visual feast of historical drama blended with supernatural fantasy," Erik Barmack, VP of international originals at Netflix, said. "We are incredibly honored by this rare opportunity of pairing two premier creative minds in Korea - film director Kim Seong-hun and television writer Kim Eun-hee."

Kim Eun-hee admitted that he has worked on "Kingdom" since 2011. He wanted to write a story that shows the fears and anxiety of modern times but explored through "the lens of a romantic fascination with the historical Joseon period." "Working with Netflix helps us to unlock this creative vision for 'Kingdom' and I am excited to further build this unique story with the director for whom I have tremendous respect," he added.

Netflix film "Okja," which will be directed by Bong Joon-ho will be released in June. It is about a young girl who goes head-to-head with a multinational company to stop it from kidnapping her best friend, the titular character which is described as a massive animal.

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