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Korea’s ‘Maya and Turtle’ Enters US Race To Help Enhance Literacy

By March 9, 2017 at 9:21 am
A bookstore in Korea (Photo : Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images)

Korean fairy tale, "Maya and Turtle" just entered the U.S. race in order to help boost and enhance literacy. In spring of 2014, students have voted for their favorite English children's books and the said story emerged as the winner in the number of votes.

"Maya and the Turtle" was an old Korean fairy tale and which was published last 2012 by Tuttle. The cotes of the students awarded Maya the annual Morning Calm Medal, one of the four titles for different grade levels.

This time, Maya and her turtle are up for another competition called "March Madness." This is a book tournament with the goal to help at-risk children to learn how to read. Read to a Child, a non-profit literacy agency in the U.S. selected 32 books, old and news, up-and-coming titles and popular classics. The said organization pitted these books against each other in a Book Bracket Challenge.

"Maya and the Turtle" being quite new is in eighth place and it is facing the no.1 seed, "Tina Cocolina: Queen of the Cupcakes." To keep the said Korean story in the race toward the championship, the turtle needs votes on March 9 between noon and 4:45 in the afternoon as per Korea Times.

The winners will be announced on the same day at 5 in the afternoon and will be posted on the bracket sheet. The good thing here is that if "Maya and the Turtle" gain more votes than the cupcake book, readers may still vote for it again in the next round and all the way to the top.

Read to a Child is a national non-profit mentoring organization which caters to inspiring adults to read aloud one hour every week to at-risk children. This is to create better opportunities for the future of these children. The previous year, this challenge raised over $100,000 for their program.

According to studies, reading aloud to children is the most essential and vital activity for building knowledge which is needed and crucial for success in reading and success in life as well. So far, the said organization is working with 100 institutions and corporations in the United States which offer 1,500 volunteers who read aloud to children.

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