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StarCraft Pro Gamer Confident To Beat AI-Based Program

By March 10, 2017 at 7:13 am
Korea Internet Games StarCraft (Photo : Getty Images)

Korea's most successful StarCraft gamer lee Young-ho is very much confident that he will beat the artificial intelligence supercomputer in their possible match. The pro gamer believes that he can pull off a victory against the said program in a real me strategy game.

The pro gamer said that on a real-time basis, players and gamers of StarCraft can make a lot of decisions every second which now creates the difference from turn-based go matches.

"StarCraft is not all about unit and resource management, but more about an endless war of nerves against an opponent throughout the match. This is why I am sure of potentially beating the AI supercomputer in the game," Lee Young-ho shared during his interview.

According to Korea Times, the StarCraft historic matches took the world by storm. Some experts had forecasted that there are almost infinite numbers of moves that can arise during a go match. And this could make it impossible for computerized systems or the AI to beat human players.

While it is true that AI supercomputer can control a lot of units at the same time without any flaws or mistakes. This is also the weakness of humans and this is the time or the opportunity in which human players cannot beat them using this factor.

But Lee emphasized that it is just part of the game and what matters most is the way to keep setting particular and opportune strategies in real-time.

The schedule of the upcoming StarCraft versus human matches is yet to be set by Google's DeepMind. However, the AlphaGo developer remained optimistic over the next project considering StarCraft a more challenging partner.

Meanwhile, Lee first started as a professional gamer way back 2012 when he was only 16 years old. Until then, the pro-gamer has since set an outstanding winning record by winning tens of titles in Korea's renowned StarCraft matches.

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