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LG G6 Features FullVision Display; 5.7-inch Large Screen

By March 10, 2017 at 7:19 am
LG G6 wins several awards at MWC 2017 (Photo : David Becker/Getty Images)

LG Electronics' mobile unit seems to be getting innovative and advanced as the company incorporated a 5.7-inch large screen with a compact design and FullVision display for its new flagship G6 smartphone.

The company already hyped up the 18:9 FullVision display even after and prior to the launching of the said flagship last week. It might not look as innovative and surprising as its predecessor's interchangeable design in its first look, it guarantees full display.

However, LG embraced the unparalleled display ratio by means of decreasing the size of the handset with the almost bezel-less front side. With its first glance, users and people van notice and check the unfamiliar display proportion of the G6. The reason for this is that it is somewhat different from the 16:9 ratio established in the current handset industry.

Meanwhile, the 18:9 ratio includes no eminent downsides which provide immersive and more stable watching experience for the users. The LG G6 is also created having 14.89 centimeters which are smaller that the 14.94 centimeters of that of the G5.

LG emphasized that the g6 compact design has a goal to improve one-handed usability which now allows users to have advanced multitasking as reported on Korea Times.

Another prominent feature of the G6 is its full metal body. This made LG scrapped its usual removable battery type in an ostensible move to feature a sleeker design and enhance waterproofing.

LG G6 has been debuted this year at the Mobile World Congress and it gained the nod of the critics and the user because of its user-friendly and convenient camera features.

This device has 13-megapixel dual-rear cameras which are used for wider angle shots and the current usual purposes and uses. What makes the photo capturing great is also of its 125-degree angle shot that allows G6 to create and produce stunning and realistic images.

For this G6, LG has taken full benefits of its unique and prominent screen size by providing various camera functions and purposes that consist of a snap shot, grid shot, guide shot, and match shot.

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