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Survey Finds Majority Of Office Workers Want To Quit Their Jobs

By March 10, 2017 at 7:25 am
Survey finds majority of office workers want to quit (Photo : Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

A survey has found that 93 percent of Korean office workers have had feelings of wanting to quit their jobs. The data of the study was revealed on Wednesday.

Saramin, a job information website that conducted the survey, said that 56.3 percent of respondents admitted that bleak prospects were the biggest reason for the overwhelming urge to quit. This makes it the topmost reason.

Others found low recognition of efforts and frustration due to taking responsibility for settling others' mistakes were the second and third top reasons, respectively. 34.4 percent of respondents admitted that the reason was the former while 31 percent admitted that it was the latter that prompted those feelings.

Several other reasons included frequent overtime and overwork, with 30.1 percent stating these reasons. The data was collected from the company's online survey of 1,030 office workers. 93 percent felt the urge to quit "at least once" while 24.3 percent confessed that they felt this "several times a day."

Back in 2014, the government has considered legislation that prohibits managers and bosses from pestering their staff at home. "As more firms use social media or mobile messengers to send work orders, regardless of time, the stress inflicted on workers has reached a serious level," lawmakers from the Minjoo party stated.

The bill was intended to ban firms from sending employees work-related messages after official working hours. It was noted that too many workers were expected to constantly be available, even while on holiday or late at night.

This impulse has affected the lives of these workers. Many of them felt powerless, experienced physical dysfunction or had chronic fatigue.

40 percent of the respondents said that the urge was able to push them to quit. However, 44.8 percent of them did reveal that they felt regret for various reasons including an unfavorable job market or the loss of a stable monthly income.

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