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Swatch Group Korea Frustrates Workers, Lacks Reasonable Business Management System

By March 13, 2017 at 8:05 am
Swatch Group (Photo : Getty Images)

The Swatch Group in Korea is currently facing a dilemma and it has something to do with their workers. It has been reported that its employees did not recommend working for the company due to the absence of reasonable business management system.

It's no denying that Swatch Group was able to attract and gain a lot of consumers in the world. It also offers different watch brands that cater to all segments of the market which include Blancpain, Omega, Mido, Breguet, and Swatch.

 But the company's branch in Korea does not appear to be very popular. And as per corporate assessment platform Job Planet, more than 60 percent of previous and current employees of Swatch Group Korea did not even recommend working for the company. The employees gave a 2.5 out of the 5 in terms of satisfaction level as per Korea Times.

Even if Swatch Group Korea is enjoying a high level of brand equity, it is reportedly lacking a reasonable business management system. On of the company's former employees also shared that the managers are unwilling to share vital information and that the management also orders tasks even without considering teamwork.

According to reports, some of Swatch Group employees attested that the management is also silent when it comes to its staff. However, the company highlighted on its website the welfare of its employees along with the conservation of the environment.

The management of the Swatch Group Korea knows that its performance relies on the quality plus the devotion of its employees to the company and to their work. It needs workers who are competent, effective, and motivated and in return will give them the social package that is attractive and competitive to them.

The Swatch Group head office does not know why the company's branch in Korea froze its wages again even if it is enjoying increasing sales and profits. It can be recalled that the Swatch Group branch in Korea just froze the wages and did not anymore hire employees because of their reason for a limited budget.

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