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Pokemon Go Loses Popularity In Korea

By March 15, 2017 at 1:35 am
Pokemon GO Fans Converge At Sydney Opera House (Photo : Brendon Thorne/Getty Images)

Pokemon Go, the mega-hit mobile game is losing popularity and steam in Korea as its user base was nose-diving over the past two months. It can be recalled that the game just debuted in the said country just last January.

According to Wise App, an app market researcher, the number of Pokemon Go players and users were recorded to 4.27 million from 7 million in the last week of January. Some of the insiders attributed the cause to the declining steam to the absence of additional wow factors except of course for the augmented reality of the game.

Niantic, the developer of the game, is currently building its efforts to update the game with brand new features. The company jus added 80 more characters during the previous month and it just collaborated with convenience store chains like 7-Eleven as reported on Korea Times.

But in the Korean market, it looks like the efforts of the company have fallen shortly. The updates did not actually add any new paying and surprising experiences for Pokemon Go players and users. In fact, an IT industry watcher even commented that despite the efforts of the company to add new features and characters, it does not bring any basic change at all in the hit mobile game.

He also added that perhaps users have already grown tired of collecting Pokemon which was only the entertaining point.

At first, Pokemon go drew massive interest from a lot of users but it seemed like the games have already grown tired of the non-dynamic playing experience offered by the mobile game. This made the users opt for other games instead.

However, the CEO of Niantic teased at introducing a new feature for Pokemon Go. This will be player-versus-player modes and the company will also initiate a special promotional event for the game. But he did not make mention of any exact timeline for this update.

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