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LG Appoints South Korean To Head Kenyan Operations

By March 15, 2017 at 1:40 am
LG appoints South Korean to head Kenyan operations (Photo : Ethan Miller/Getty Images)

In an effort to improve its production capacity, LG has announced that it will be assigning a major role in the company's Kenyan operations to a South Korean. Janghoon Chung, who has been working for LG for 20 years now, will be managing the company's interests in Kenya after Tae-ick Son was moved to the West African subsidiary of the tech giant.

According to Business Daily Africa, Chung will also be leading the operations in other countries in the eastern and central regions of the continent though he will be based primarily in Kenya. Chung's primary task is to make Samsung the go-to tech company for smartphone and tablet users in the region.

Before Chung was transferred to Kenya, he headed the sales team of the washing machine productions of LG in South Korea. He was also the brains behind the changes implemented in LG offices in Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia that resulted in a turnaround strategy for the company in the three countries.

In other LG news, The Star reports that the Korean tech company is currently developing what may be the strongest and toughest smartphone in the market. The device will be called the LG V20 smartphone and may be available in stores next year. LG says that the phone will be able to withstand a drop from as high as eight feet in the air. The device will also not need to have any additional protection and will not be too heavy as it will be made from durable, military grade material.

But its durability is not its only amazing feature. It has an HD audio recorder that has audio cancellation capabilities perfect for any use. Plus, its front camera has a wide angle, ideal for any person who is obsessed with taking selfies.

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