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LG Group Chief Sets Example Of Social Responsibility Through Donations

By March 20, 2017 at 11:31 am
Samsung (Photo : Sean Gallup/Getty Images)

LG Group and its Chairman Koo Bon-moo are initiating an example of social responsibility done through donations. Even if the company is not really making its beneficence public, its corporate social responsibility or CSR is gaining recognition despite the scandals involving some of Korea's key businesses.

LG Electronics has been a provider of free repair services of its electronic devices and products for social welfare centers around the world for almost ten years now. As per Korea Times, an official from the conglomerate said that they have offered and provided those kinds of services for people in need as part of their CSR initiatives since 2004 and not for public relations.

Apart from this LG also recognized those individuals who have done good deeds using the LG Welfare Foundation which started last 2015. The award has been established since the Chairman saw the need to reward those who made big or contributed a lot for the social justice and the country as well.

The latest recognition and award was given to Katabilla Ketiye Gedara Nimal Siri who jumped into a house and rescued a woman in a house that was on fire. The awardee is a Sri Lankan worker in Gunwi, North Gyeonsang Province.

LG presented the award and after which donated 30 million won for the treatment of burns. Nimal also shared that she fel grateful for senior citizens for being nice to him that's why he felt so determined to rescue the woman from the fire. Nimal was also the first foreigner to receive such award from the company.

Moreover, LG also donated 310 million which included 10 million won that have been collected voluntarily form its employees and workers. This amount of money was given to the victims of the fish market fire last Jan. 15 in Yeosu, South Jeolla Provibce.

Meanwhile, LG Group's chiefs are also known for their clean and outstanding reputation. GS Group Chairman Huh Chang-soo and Koo are the only two heads and leaders of Korea's major companies who have not been prosecuted so far.

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