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LG hits US Market With G6 Smartphone

By March 20, 2017 at 11:30 am
LG G6 wins several awards at MWC 2017 (Photo : David Becker/Getty Images)

LG Electronics was able to hit the U.S. market with its G6, the company's latest high-end smartphone. Together with this report, the company is also set to provide major wireless carriers in order for them to offer various promotions.

Moreover, LG is also giving away a Google smart speaker for those early bird buyers. This is also a part of LG's efforts to prevent the U.S market ahead of upcoming unveilings of its competitors.

According to Korea Times, LG phones were able to stand the U.S. market which is considered as the world's premium phone market. With this, response form the American customers may determine and decide the future of G6 which already became a big hit in Korea starting from its release last March 10.

Even if LG is yet to announce the official release date soon, reports were escalating that this handset is expected to reach U. consumers on April 7. As per AT&T, another premier U.S provider of mobile phones services, customers who will avail of the G6 will get another G6 if they add another line on the network after reaching credits over 30 months.

On top of this, those who will also purchase a G6 using a two-year agreement will avail an LG Watch Sport at a price for $49.99 only. And those who will buy the said handset through smallest provider Sprint can also avail of the free 49-inch LG HDTV which could cost around &359.99. It has been reported too that Verizon, business bellwether will also provide a free 43-inch LG smart TV to new buyers.

But LG assured of one thing, regardless of whether what carrier will buyers choose, those who buy early will get a free Google Home. This is a voice-activated speaker operated by Google assistant which has been priced at $129. The officials of LG said that tis speaker will work perfectly with their G6 that also uses Google's intelligent personal assistant.

After some criticisms in its previous handsets, LG is preparing to improve its unprofitable mobile phone business by concentrating on Europe and the U.S. including Korea even if the company will not launch the G6 in China.

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