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US exports to South Korea fell to $1.2 billion, while imports of South Korean goods surged by over $13 billion after the trade deal went into effect in 2012.
Korea-US Free Trade Deal Led To Ballooning Trade Deficit: USTR

South Korean imports of fresh eggs and processed products are expected to grow three times in the January-February period compared to the previous year.
South Korea Relaxes Import Rules To Address Supply Shortages Of Eggs

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The prolonged economic downturn did not stop the sales growth of imported luxury vehicles in South Korea in 2016.
Sales Of Imported High-End Cars In Korea Increased in 2016

Rising oil prices pushed South Korea’s import prices up in January, according to data from the Bank of Korea.
South Korea’s Import Prices Climbed In January As Oil Prices Rise

In 2015, South Koreans consumed an average of 607 grams of chocolate bars and cookies.
South Korea’s Chocolate Prices Grew For 9th Straight Year In 2016

South Korean market leader Volvo Trucks Korea said that it sold a record 2,600 trucks in 2016.
Sales of Imported Trucks In South Korea Reached 433 In January

South Korea’s manufacturing supply grew to its fastest pace in three years during Q4 2016.
South Korea’s Manufacturing Supply Grows 3.6 percent in Q4

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