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Galaxy Express will be attending SXSW for the fourth time
Galaxy Express Promises American Audience With Angry Performance At SXSW 2017

South Korea’s value-added trade surplus with the US in 2014 accounted only 20.8 percent of its total trade surplus, far lower compared to that of China and Japan.
South Korea, US Trade Is Mutually Beneficial: Report

In 2016, South Korea posted a US$23.3 billion trade surplus with the United States.
South Korea Protests Financial Times' Report Alleging It's A Currency Manipulator

Samsung to Acquire U.S. Car Tech Firm for $8 billion

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Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Nevada
Relations Between S. Korea and the U.S. to Remain Strong Under Trump’s Term

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Nevada
South Korea to Act Firmly if Trump Election Volatility is Severe

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